'Dorje no longer recognised by Indian government as 17th Karmapa' – Times of India

'Dorje no longer recognised by Indian government as 17th Karmapa' – Times of India

New Delhi: The first strained ties between


Ugyen Trinley Dorje and the Indian government seems to have more deteriorated with the government making it clear that it does not recognize him as the legal Buddhist religious leader of the influential community kaygu sect.

The sharp put down, articulated by well-placed sources, makes the status and future of the Karmapa uncertain in India and seems to indicate that India from India’s impatience with its long absence has been “traditional” to the leader’s claim to a cold indifference “Seat of the rumtek monastery.

Given its clear disenchantment with the Karmapa, the government is not looking at its decision to acquire a Dominican passport as a problem and is willing to give him a visa. This could mean that India will not agree too much the status of its identity certificate, the document usually issued to Tibetan refugees, which also facilitates travel abroad.

There are legal and political aspects of the development. Since there are competing claims to the Rumtek monster that are sub judice, India can not on the Karmapa’s claim. However, politically, keeping the Karmapa in its zone of influence and supporting his presence here was a religious leader of India a “guardian” who saw the Dalai Lama in importance in the post of rank.

The government’s stand is at odds with the Dalai Lama, who has been recognized as Dorje as the legitimate Karmapa. In recent years, the Indian government also shed its suspicions about Karmapa’s escape from China with his older sister and a few followers. But for more than one year, Karmapa went to the US, he has been returning and has in fact complained that he finds restrictions on his travel irksome.

The rival claimant to the post, Thaye Dorje, who had been as a Karmapa claimant by Shamar Rimpoche, recently renounced monkhood and got married, diluting his claim since the title of the brahmen for calling.

The two claimants had riven the

Karma Kagyu

sect, though according to reports, an attempt was made to the divide with Ugyen Trinley Dorje and

Trinley Thaye Dorje

meeting at a place on the France-Switzerland border in October.

Ugyen Trinley Dorje’s situation was confirmed after the Commonwealth of


in the Caribbean Sources said Dorje’s acquiring of a foreign passport automatically makes the Tibetan identity certificate (IC) invalid. This means he needed a visa to enter India.

The Indian government, according to sources, has said the Karmapa willingness to issue him a visa. “But he has not approached any Indian mission for a visa,” they said.

Indian security agencies have been suspected of him for years, branding him a Chinese spy, especially as China so readily recognised him. In 2016, the Modi government however, eased travel restrictions for him and he was allowed to travel overseas.

This throws into confusion not only the future of the Karma, but it is believed to be the head of the world, but has had implications for India-China and India-Tibet relations in the longer term.


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