Chevy Camaro ZL1 Owners Have Another Reason To Celebrate – CarBuzz

Chevy Camaro ZL1 Owners Have Another Reason To Celebrate – CarBuzz

Time to go beyond the typical track.

There’s no question the Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 1LE is fast. However, it was developed specifically for the track from the get-go. The street-legal ultimate sixth-generation Camaro (at least so far) is a formidable track-day muscle car that’s also fully street legal. But why only limit its capabilities to a twisty track? Why not, say, the drag strip as well? That’s precisely what Chevy is now offering these owners.

First reported by GM Authority, the automaker has just released a new performance calibration for the Camaro ZL1’s electronic limited-slip differential, aka the eLSD. According to GM-Technik, this new performance calibration is available from Chevrolet Performance for 2017-2019 Camaro ZL1s (2019 models only in Canada, FYI).

The calibration enhances the launch capabilities on the drag strip by “enabling more consistent burnout performance for improved launches.” This new software setup “doubles the differential coupling torque during burnout and drag launches by increasing the pressure applied to the clutch pack in order to prevent relative slip between the clutch plates.” This will result in both tires warming up evenly during burnouts, which is necessary for straight launches.

Officially called the eLSD Drag Race Calibration, it requires a reprogramming of the Camaro ZL1’s Chassis Control Module, which can be done by a Chevrolet dealer. Doing so will not void the vehicle’s warranty.

Once this has been successfully installed, drivers can enable the system by turning off the traction control and ESC simply by holding the traction control button for five seconds. Chevy points out – and rightly so – this should only be done at a race track or drag strip.

The announcement does not state whether this update can be done free of charge or for a reasonable fee, but we highly doubt Camaro ZL1 owners clamoring for some drag strip action will hesitate to do this even if they have to pay. After all, there are Dodge Challenger Demons out there to race.


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