Can you match these N.L. party leaders with their victory speech bubbles? | CBC News

Can you match these N.L. party leaders with their victory speech bubbles? | CBC News

One of these party leaders has since apologized for their speech.

Which of these party leaders is responsible for the speech bubbles below? (CBC)

Who says elections aren’t fun? OK, a lot of people. A lot of people say elections aren’t fun.

But here’s a matching game from Thursday night’s election that is definitely fun. 

Each of these speech bubbles contains the words from each of the three main party leaders’ very different victory speeches. The bigger the word, the more times that word was said.

Can you guess which victory speech bubble belongs to which party leader: Progressive Conservative Ches Crosbie, Liberal Leader Dwight Ball or NDP Leader Alison Coffin? 

1. “Will”


Top five words and the number of times they were said: will (15); people (10); new (9); thank (8); better (7)

Choice quote: “There will be no more boondoggles. There will be no more patronage appointments. There will be no more secret deals, no more giveaways to big businesses.”

2. “Province”


Top five words and the number of times they were said: province (9); will (9); Newfoundland (8); Labrador (8); want (8)

Choice quote: “What we need is a commitment to make this province a better place to live and a better future for Newfoundland and Labradorians. Newfoundlanders and Labradorians are better than cheap shots, better than mudslinging. We are better than robocalls.”

3. “Ball”


Top five words and the number of times they were said: Ball (7); will (6); Liberal (5); future (5); Newfoundland (4)

Choice quote: “We now have a situation of constitutional instability. Where will this end up?”


1. Alison Coffin

Coffin’s speech had a long list of thanks for a long list of people — her volunteers, each and every NDP candidate, and the NDP leaders who came before her.

A major theme of her speech was building up the NDP in preparation for the 2023 election and she invited all the NDP candidates who ran on May 16 to stay on for the ride.

2. Dwight Ball

Ball thanked his district, his volunteers, all of Liberal candidates, as well as Alison Coffin, Ches Crosbie and Graydon Pelley.

Collaboration between all parties was a big theme of his speech, as was collaboration between government and the business community, the province’s Indigenous groups and cultural leaders.

It wasn’t all happy-happy; he took swipes at the PCs with references to “disastrous mistakes of Muskrat Falls” and, of course, those robocalls.

Though if he’s talking about the calls from NL Strong, Ches Crosbie claimed he had nothing to do with them.

3. Ches Crosbie

Crosbie’s speech was a bit different.

He refused to concede victory to the Liberals, saying he expected the Ball Liberal government to fall within a year. He called on his party’s “friends” — the NDP and the two elected independents, Paul Lane and Eddie Joyce — to team up with the PCs in their continued fight against Ball and “dishonest government.”

Most of his speech focused on fighting Ball.

He did not thank his volunteers or the voters, nor did he offer congratulations to any of the freshly-elected candidates in his party.

The following morning, Crosbie issued a statement apologizing for not congratulating Dwight Ball, saying he looked forward to working with him.

He also thanked the PC candidates who ran in the election and the voters of his Windsor Lake district.

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