Camelot may bet on taking rival to court

Camelot may bet on taking rival to court

Camelot is threatening to take legal action against a rival lottery company that has started taking bets on a new draw called Euromillionaire, launched after it was banned from taking bets on the official Euromillions draw.

Betting on the National Lottery’s Lotto and Euromillions draws is illegal, but until recently the Gibraltar-based Lottoland was able to exploit a loophole by taking bets on the Euromillions draws in other countries.

When the government closed the loophole in April, Lottoland started offering bets on the similar-sounding Euromillionaire. In its launch publicity, it even described it as “the brand-new replacement for Euromillions”.

Instead of selling lottery tickets, Lottoland’s website offer bets on the outcome of several of the world’s bigest lotteries, using insurance and hedging to offer the…


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