Boxing Day bargain hunters hit the sales as stores slash prices by up to 75 per cent – Daily Mail

Boxing Day bargain hunters hit the sales as stores slash prices by up to 75 per cent – Daily Mail

Boxing Day bargain hunters across the UK have braved the queues this morning as they take advantage of lower prices across stores that have slashed goods in a desperate bid to lure online shoppers to the high street.

Retailers launched their sales online this morning, but it didn’t stop savvy shoppers lining up outside shops in a bid to get their hands on the best bargains.

After they were let inside, shoppers were seen furiously browsing through rails of clothing, while in some department stores, people also had to wait in line on escalators before being able to reach their desired floor. 

Many across the UK experienced a mild Christmas Day yesterday, and temperatures today will stay balmy, creeping to 12C. But the Met Office also warned that shoppers may have to battle wind and rain, with some parts of the country expecting to see up to 1.2 inches of rainfall. 

Online sales today are expected to rise by 10 per cent on 2018 to £1.14 billion. To combat this, big-name stores slashed prices yesterday, with retailers such as Debenhams offering savings of up to 75 per cent. Marks & Spencer and House of Fraser also started their sales early. 

Huge reductions are forecast, with stores sitting on a mountain of stock – particularly winter clothes and shoes – that failed to sell for Christmas

Shoppers in areas such as Merseyside said many arrived outside stores such as Next as early as 5.45am, to be ready for when it opened at 6am. 

Despite prices being drastically cut eco friendly shoppers across the UK are set to spend less in this year’s Boxing Day sales as many worry about the impact fats fashion has on the environment.

Savvy shoppers braving the early morning queues today will spend £200 million less than last year with two thirds of shoppers saying they won’t be making as many purchases as previous years. 

Around four in 10 adults are set to spend an average of £186 each and £8.7 billion all in all, according to research from Barclaycard. 

Scroll for video 

Savvy shoppers in Edinburgh were pictured browsing the rails in Next this morning after waiting outside to be let into the Princes Street store 

At Manchester’s Trafford Centre, eager consumers were seen lining up behind security barriers this morning as they waited for shops to open

Successful shoppers were seen in Leeds city centre this morning as they walked away with bags full of items from the Next sale

Shoppers walked out of Next this morning with bags full of shopping after getting up early today to brave the boxing day sales 

One woman in Cardiff was pictured this morning holding a wall decoration with a large Next bag as she triumphantly walked out of the store 

Keen shoppers in London were seen picking up clutch bags and they worked out what items they wanted to take home 

As shoppers were let into Selfridges in London today many looked poised to get a bargain as they made their way to their favoruite floors 

However, due to concerns about the environment, 62 per cent intend to make fewer purchases, rising to 68 per cent of women.

Almost seven in 10 consumers, 67 per cent also plan to spend less on ‘fast fashion’ because of the potential environmental impact of its production.

The predictions will cause alarm at the end of another tough year for the beleaguered UK retail sector.

Store closures, business failures and job losses have continued as online has continued to drive growth and competition in the sector.

Barclaycard, which processes nearly half of all credit and debit card transactions in the UK, said Boxing Day spending was 4.8 per cent higher in 2018 than 2017, but a record Black Friday this year could mean that shoppers may have already made the majority of their purchases.

Just 33 per cent said they planned to spend more on Boxing Day than they did during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales.

Amongst those who did hit the sales this morning included friends Hollie Gregory, 50, and Julie Lee, 51, from Wirral, Merseyside, who said they had arrived at the Next store on Church Street in Liverpool at 5.45am and there had been about 160 people ahead of them in the queue before the shop opened at 6am.

Picking up some pretty bargains! People at a River Island store in Leeds were seen browsing the rails this morning as they navigated the hoards of shoppers

Shoppers in London (pictured above) were browsing the shoe selection, where there was up to 50 per cent off trainers 

Others were seen looking at the handbag section in Selfridges in London as they debated over the best bargains of the day

Several people compare prices during the sales today as one woman was seen looking at a pink tote bag and matching purses

Shop till you drop! These two people were seen looking at the price on a pair of trainers as they browsed in London this morning

Add these to your shoe collection! A swarm of people are seen around one of the shoe sections in Selfridges early this morning

Ms Gregory said: ‘We come every year, it’s like a tradition, but we have been buying less as years go by because we’re trying not to consume as much for environmental reasons.

‘My children used to get piles of stuff for Christmas but now we try and limit it to three or four presents.’

The pair had bought gifts for family members and homeware in the sales.’ Queues also formed outside the Marks and Spencer store in Liverpool before it opened at 9am and outside cosmetics store Lush, which was due to open at 10am.

One woman in the queue for Marks and Spencer, who did not want to be named, said she had arrived in the city centre at 5.30am and had already bought clothes and underwear from Next.

Dreaming of summer sun? This customer seemed to be preparing for her summer holidays as she tried on some sunglasses this morning 

What to buy? This woman looked as though she was weighing up her options as she browsed the shoe section in Selfridges today

She said: ‘I come every year. I have definitely noticed it hasn’t been as busy the last few years, I think a lot of people do their shopping online.’

Sian Scanlon, 30, from Bootle in Merseyside, said she had arrived outside the Lush store in Liverpool at 6.30am, three-and-a-half hours before it was due to open.

She said: ‘It’s 50% off all the Christmas gift sets so I’ll spend about £200 and get about £400 worth of stuff.

‘I get here at 6.30am every year and normally the shop doesn’t open until 11am.

‘I’ve layered up, so I’m not too cold!’

She said she expected the Lush shop to be ‘mayhem’ once it opened.

The escalators in Selfridges were packed this morning as many made their way to the fashion floors of the department store 

One woman in Cardiff was seen with a large bag of clothing while she was also carrying a woven bag and other items in her hands 

One woman was seen leaving Next carrying a fleece blanket and other bedding items, while many were still browsing the store 

Customers rush through the store during the Selfridges’ Boxing Day sale in London today as many looked to get a bargain 

Customers in London are seen entering Selfridges this morning as a guard is also seen waiting at the door to let people in 

Online spending is also predicted to overshadow in-store receipts, with 60 per cent of post-Christmas sales shoppers making the majority of their purchases from the comfort of their homes.

Rob Cameron, chief executive of Barclaycard Payments, said: ‘Despite Boxing Day remaining a key moment in the retail calendar, savvy shoppers have been planning their large purchases throughout the entire festive sales period, which begins long before December.

Top tips on surviving the Boxing Day sales today

If you’re looking for something in particular during the sales today then here are some top tips to help you keep your focus.

Things like planning ahead and taking time to refuel could stop you from getting sucked into fake bargains, according to

Top tips

1. Check opening times: Before you head off sales shopping, check the opening times. Some stores open much earlier than others. Leave it until mid-morning and you may miss the best of the bargains.

2. Cash not card: Avoid using debit or credit cards – it’s far too easy to get carried away with them. Instead, withdraw a maximum spending value in cash. This is more likely to curb spending and help you avoid impulse buying.

3. Fill up: Make sure you have a decent breakfast before you head out shopping so you’re full of energy and ready to make a strong start. Make sure you refuel throughout the day.

4. Use public transport: Rather than battle for a parking space, take the train or bus when you head out shopping. It’ll be cheaper, easier and you won’t have the stress of fighting the crowds to get a space.

5. Do I really need it?  Before you buy, question whether you really need the item. It may have 50% off but if it’s just going to sit in a cupboard or in your wardrobe, then it’s a complete waste of money.

6. Make a plan of attack: There’s nothing wrong with doing a little forward planning to help save time and stress. Make a wish list of what you really want by having a browse online.

7. Bag up: Take plenty of big sturdy bags to help you carry your shopping load. There’s nothing worse than having lots of small plastic bag handles cutting into your forearms and fingers all day.

8. Don’t worry about other shoppers: Don’t get carried away with the crowds, if you have your goals in mind – ensure you stay on track, otherwise you may end up not finishing what you set out to do before closing time.

9. Have a breather: Take regular breaks to collect yourself, stay fed and hydrated and use these little stops to remind yourself of your wish list. 

10. Learn the returns: Make sure you have a handle on the returns policy and check if you can return before you purchase.

11.  Don’t get roped in: Sales are a great opportunity for many shops to rope customers into signing up to sneaky credit card schemes. These encourage over-spending and what they don’t tell you is that you’ll still be paying for the items months after buying them. THINK before you sign.

‘Our data for Black Friday and Cyber Monday revealed a huge jump in transaction volumes this year, so it’s not surprising that consumers expect to have less money to spend after Christmas, so retailers need to take that into account.

‘What’s more, our research shows that shoppers are increasingly thinking about how their purchases impact the environment. Forward-thinking retailers should be making a conscious effort to demonstrate their commitment to sustainability, in order to boost their appeal – and their revenue.’ and the Centre for Retail Research have also predicted that shoppers will shun the high street on Boxing Day, with in-store sales set to drop by more than 12 per cent on last year.

The study suggests that in-store spending will total £3.25 billion – a decrease of 12.4 per cent on last year – while online spending increases by 10 cent year on year.

Consumers had shown signs of ‘promotional fatigue’ for the last two years after the ‘many’ discount events by Boxing Day, including Black Friday.

The report says: ‘We expect the numbers attending the sales to reduce. However, it is anticipated that average spending per household in the sales will still be around £459.’

Opinium Research surveyed 2,002 UK adults online for Barclaycard between November 29 and December 3.

This is while experts have also warned that the Boxing Day sales could also see people being drawn toward ‘fake bargains’.

NetVoucherCodes has said keeping a clear head during the sales is important as you could be sucked into purchasing things you don’t really need, and things that aren’t priced much differently to their original retail cost.  

Savvy Brits staying in won’t need to worry about wrapping up warm, but those who want to brave the sales on the high street could face a wet and windy day if they want to take advantage of the cut price items. 

A huge deluge of rain is expected to sweep across the UK on Thursday, with some parts of the south west of England likely to experience up to 1.2 inches of rainfall.

Other regions could see as much as 0.8 inches as the weather front travels across the country.

The Environment Agency has issued 35 flood warnings – where flooding is expected – and 93 flood alerts – where flooding is possible.

Coastal areas in the south west are also forecast to be hit by winds of up to 50mph.

The conditions are set to put a dampener on what was a mostly pleasant Christmas Day for the UK with Met Office forecaster Alex Burkill predicting that ‘pretty much everywhere’ will see some level of wet weather.

Shoppers in Cardiff queued from the early hours of the morning for the annual sale with Next opening its doors to customers at 6am this morning

Customers in London were seen lining up outside Selfridges on Oxford Street this morning as they waited in the rain for the doors to open 

They came prepared! This group were seen sat on camping chairs this morning as they waiting for Next to open 

Shopping rails in one store were seen with just hangers being left of them as people were seen with large as of shopping

A small crowd was gathered outside a Zara store on London’s Oxford Street this morning as they waited in anticipation for the clothing retailer to open 

In London this morning the streets seemed a little bit calmer than in other parts of the country which saw many getting to shopping centres before 6am

‘For most places there is going to be a lot of cloud and some rain around too,’ Mr Burkill said.

‘The heaviest will be in south-west England and Wales.

‘Because of the amount of rain we have seen this month there could also be some localised flooding.’

There is some good news for London shoppers however, with the skies expected to clear by the afternoon as temperatures reach 12C in the South and 5C further north.

Looking ahead, the rain is expected to persist until Saturday in the north west of England while sunshine should return for the south east in time for the weekend.  

The sales this week comes as many shoppers struggled earlier in the week as they battled their way through supermarkets up and down the country.

On Monday many were seen lining up around stores such as Asda, Tesco and Sainsbury’s as they piled their baskets high with last minute items. 

Over 3000 bargain hunters queued up in a huge long line around the Silverlink Retail Park in North Tyneside for the opening of the 6am Next store Boxing Day sale

Umbrellas at the ready! Shoppers in London didn’t seem to mind the rain this morning as many waited outside Selfridges

Shoppers at the Next Boxing Day sale at the Next store on Queen Street in Cardiff, Wales are pictured above earlier this morning

Hundreds of people in Liverpool lined up this morning to bag a bargain and in some areas security teams were seen handing out large plastic bags to shoppers 

Shopper are set to splurge £1.14bn online today, forcing high street stores into panic sales: We reveal the best bargains on everything from beauty products to tech – with many items reduced by up to half price

By Claire Toureille for MailOnline

Stores have launched unprecedented Boxing Day panic sales to lure shoppers hunting for deals online rather than queuing in the cold and rain.

Online sales today are expected to rise by 10 per cent on 2018 to £1.14billion. To combat this, big-name stores slashed prices yesterday, with retailers such as Debenhams offering savings of up to 75 per cent. Marks & Spencer and House of Fraser also started their sales early. Huge reductions are forecast, with stores sitting on a mountain of stock – particularly winter clothes and shoes – that failed to sell for Christmas.

An estimated 11million of us – one adult in four – were thought to have been browsing for bargains yesterday. Spending is expected to have hit a record £1.19bn, which would be up some 20 per cent on 2018, according to a Centre for Retail Research (CRR) study for discount website VoucherCodes.

It will turn the screw on retailers who rely on sales in shops at a time of crisis on the High Street. Spending through high streets, retail parks and shopping centres is predicted to fall by around £460m to £3.25bn today.

With retailers such as Debenhams and House of Fraser planning store closures across the UK in the New Year, the range and scale of price cuts are likely to be particularly eye-catching. A CRR spokesman said: ‘By Boxing Day people will have experienced many discount events, such as Black Friday, and we expect the numbers attending the sales to reduce.’

Barclaycard, which processes nearly half of all credit and debit card transactions in the UK, said Boxing Day spending was 4.8 per cent higher in 2018 than 2017, but a record Black Friday this year could mean that shoppers may have already made the majority of their purchases.

Time to bag a Boxing Day bargain!

To help bargain-loving Brits in their search for the best deals, FEMAIL has rounded up a selection of this year’s best offers, from the High Street and online with reductions of more than 50 percent.

Interior design fans will find prices slashed by half at Habitat, meanwhile those hoping to upgrade their gadgets will find amazing deals at Currys and Carphone Warehouse.

From beauty buys at Superdrug and Escentual to a range of fashion at Debenhams, there’s something to suit everyone if you fancy treating yourself to a belated Christmas present.


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