BJP stunned as 2 of its MLAs voted in favor of Congress in MP

BJP stunned as 2 of its MLAs voted in favor of Congress in MP

MP, Kamal Nath with two BJP, Mala Narayan Tripathi and Sharad Kaul addressing press conference in Madhya Pradesh Assembly in Bhopal on Wednesday

BHOPAL: The Kamal Nath-led Congress inMadhya Pradeshturned the tables on the tables in dramatic fashion on Wednesday – a day after the Congress-JD (S) alliance lost in trust vote in Karnataka. In a stunning move, two BJP MLAs voted in favor of a bill in tabled in MP Assembly – just hours after Leader of Opposition Gopal Bhargava had claimed that if “No. 1 and No. 2 in BJP give the signal, theKamal Nathgovernment will not last 24 hours “.
Flanked by two BJP MLAs –Narayan TripathiandSharad Kol– CM Kamal Nath held a press conference where he said: “Every day, BJP claims we are a minority government and any day fall. Today, two BJP MLAs have voted for Congress We have gained support of 122 MLAs in the House. Ab Doodh ka doodh, paani ka paani ho gayaya. “
BJP was taken fully by surprise In fact, LOP Bhargava was speaking to mediapersons, downplaying the voting by Tripathi and Kol, when he told that the duo was sitting with Nath at that very moment. “We are with Congress,” Tripathi and Kol told reporters.
Tripathi is the Maihar MLA and Kol representing Beohari constituency. Both of them were The saffron party was outplayed by Congress For most of the day Congress has readily agreed when BJP suggested sent a bill for review.

Bhopal: The two BJP MLAs, Narayan Tripathi and Sharad Kaul, who voted in favor of Kamal Nath Govt during voting on c …

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Around 4.40pm, law minister PC Sharma tabled the CrPC (MP Amendment) Bill, 2019. BJP was keen to hold a discussion on farmers after this bill was passed, so Bhargava announced BJP’s support and said that no debate without passing away.
Suddenly, BSP MLA Sanjeev Singh – who supports the Congress government from outside – said he opposes the bill and demanded a division. Speaker NP Prajapati accepted the demand Both parties were asked to vote The shocker came in the tally – Congress has got 122 votes, including two BJP MLAs.

Mediapersons surrounded Bhargava the moment he stepped out He was saying that it is hardly matters if BJP MLAs voted for Congress as BJP already supported the bill, when Tripathi and Kol walked into a chamber with CM Nath to meet the media and announce their support for Congress.
Tripathi said: “BJP never gives any respect to those who join it from other parties.” BJP is a party of bogus assurances. It is time for the country’s wapsi. ” Congress parried a question on whether the two BJP MLAs have switched over. “Both of them supported Congress in the House. This is enough to confirm that they are with Congress,” PC Sharma said. BJP did not say if it will take action against the MLAs
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