Bahrain Quali Speedtrap: Who was the fastest? –

Bahrain Quali Speedtrap: Who was the fastest? –

Bahrain Quali Speedtrap: Who was the fastest?

The Bahrain Grand Prix is not the fastest track on the race calendar this year but the long straights provide a great opportunity for the teams to get up to high speed. Ferrari seems to have the most powerful engine this weekend and this is something which correlates to the fastest time through the speed trap so far. However, it’s not all about top speed as the corners are very technical.  

Vettel’s SF90 was the fastest car through the speed trap with a speed of 327.7 km/h. However, this circuit is not only about top speed as the Haas, which uses the same engine as the Ferrari, was the slowest through the speed trap in qualifying but still qualified well. 

The track requires a good aero package to compliment the power of the engine and with the three DRS zones, there will be lots of overtaking during the race. 

With the extra point for the fastest lap, Ferrari look set to pick up the win and also get the additional point unless the Mercedes suddenly find some pace. 

It should be a great Grand Prix with lots of exciting racing, sparking the start of a close championship battle between the drivers.  


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