Arun Jaitley opts out, creates new dynamics for berth allocation

Arun Jaitley opts out, creates new dynamics for berth allocation

NEW DELHI: Outgoing finance ministerArun Jaitleyhas decided not to urgently join Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s second Cabinet, because of health reasons in a development that has important bearing on the dynamics of the Union Cabinet which will be sworn in on Thursday.
In a letter to the PM, Jaitley referred to the “serious health challenges” that have been the last18 monthsto say that although “he had emerged out of most of them”, he needed to take a break. “I am writing to formally request you that I should be allowed a reasonable time for myself, my treatment and my health, therefore, not be part of any responsibility, for the present, in government.”

I have written a letter to the Hon’ble Prime Minister, a copy of which I am releasing:

– Arun Jaitley (@arunjaitley)1559115812000

Jaitley, who released his letter on social media on Wednesday afternoon, also mentioned that he was informally conveyed to him on May 18, when the Prime Minister visitedKedarnath, and volunteered to informally handle assignments for the government and BJP.

In the evening, Modi visited Jaitley, his friend and colleague for decades, at the latter’s residence.
Modi’s first term, during the recusal of Jaitley, who handled defence, corporate affairs and I & B portfolios at various points, needed the Prime Minister’s finance ministry for a dependable pair of hands to find out. BJP leaders have speculated that party chiefAmit Shahmay be the pick up his party will lead the party’s leadership in the assignment in the leader’s success given a substitute for the task of grappling.
An important part of the government, Jaitley had recently been hamstrung by health issues. Though he carried on and oversaw the publicity part of BJP’s poll campaign, health troubles forced him to avoid public events.
In his letter, the BJP leader acknowledged that he needed to pause to recuperate. “During the last 18 months, I had serious health challenges. My doctors have been able to get out of most of them After the campaign was concluded and you were going to Kedarnath, I had orally informed you that even though I was able to discharge the responsibilities assigned to me during the campaign, I would, in future, for some time, like to keep away from any responsibility This will enable me to focus on my treatment and health, “he wrote.
“I would obviously have a lot of time on my disposal to undertake any work informally to the government or the party,” he further said. He had been meeting officials and visitors at his residence in the last few days, but medical advice prevented him from public engagements.

There was an uncertainty about the second role that Jaitley performed: leader of thestate Sabha. So far, all the leaders of both houses have been ministers .However, this is not a legal requirement and BJP can continue with Jaitley as the leader of the upper house if it is the convention from the break. The role of leader of the house is not important until July.
In his letter, Jaitley thanked the PM and the party, “It was a great honor and a learning experience for the government led by you for the past five years. Even before, the party had blessed me with responsibilities in the first NDA government, in the organization and also while we were in opposition I could not have asked for more. “
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