Anyone who picks up gun in Valley will be eliminated: Army – Times of India ►

Anyone who picks up gun in Valley will be eliminated: Army – Times of India ►

NEW DELHI: Anyone who picks up a gun in the Kashmir Valley will be eliminated,

Indian Army

said on Tuesday.

Addressing the media, Corps Commander Lt Gen KJS Dhillon urged mothers of local terrorists to ask their sons to surrender or else the army will be compelled to take action against them.

“In a Kashmiri society, mother has great role to play. Through you, I request the mothers of Kashmir to please their sons who have joined terrorism to surrender and get back to mainstream. and eliminated, unless he surrenders, “Dhillon reiterated.

The Army commander said that Pakistan’s main spy agency, the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) agency, was involved in last week’s attack on a security convoy by a Pakistan-based militant group.

“Our focus is clear on counter-terrorism operations. We are very clear that anyone who enters Kashmir Valley will not go back alive,” The Lieutenant General asserted.

At least 40 CRPF men were killed in the car bombing on a Kashmir road by the Pakistan-based Jaish-e-Mohammad (



“We were tracking down top leadership from the attack. It was being controlled from across the ISI and Pakistan and JeM commanders,” Dhillon told reporters.

The Army further said that the people of the JeM’s leadership in the Valley have been eliminated.

“I would like to inform that in 100 hours of Pulwama terrorist attack, we have jeM Leadership in the Valley which Pakistan from JeM.”

On Monday, the Army eliminated three JeM terrorists, including Abdul Rashid Gazi, the suspected mastermind of the February 14 attack, in Pulwama in a prolong gun battle.

Dhillon said that the army will keep all its options open to deal with the terrorists in the February 14 terror attack in Pulwama.

“The type of car bomb attack that happened in Pulwama on 14th February, happened after a long time in Kashmir.” He said, “We will keep all options open to deal with these types of attacks.”

Dhillon also told reporters that Brigadier Hardeep Singh who was nursing a injury was voluntarily returned to the operation site. “Brigadier Hardeep Singh, who was on leave due to injury, he cut short his leave voluntarily and came to the operation site and stayed there and the front from his men lead,” he said.

The security forces commenced the families

“There is a significant dip in recruitment, we have not seen any recruitment in the last three months. We would like to urge the families and the community in curtailing recruitment,” IGP Kashmir SP Pani said.

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