AMD Ryzen TDP Deep-Dive & What Cooler Manufacturers Think of “TDP” – Gamers Nexus

AMD Ryzen TDP Deep-Dive & What Cooler Manufacturers Think of “TDP” – Gamers Nexus

Published on Oct 14, 2019

This video talks about AMD’s definition of TDP in great detail, deep-diving on Ryzen thermal design power, power consumption, heat load, and best CPU cooler choices.

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Most people have likely seen “TDP” on a cooler box at some point, and it unfortunately has no useful correlation to “TDP” on a CPU box — Intel or AMD — and mostly correlates to formulas used to work backwards into a number that’s nice for marketing. There are some useful applications for TDP numbers, but for consumers, it neither measures power nor heat (particularly accurately), so different metrics are needed to determine the best CPU cooler for a product. The most common mistake is for people to use TDP to compare processor power consumption between parts, especially cross-brand (e.g. AMD vs. Intel TDP), and this is a fair mistake to make when considering the unit of “Watts” in the TDP figures. Unfortunately, electrical power doesn’t ever once show up in the AMD TDP formula, so this isn’t really a useful metric for comparing power consumption.

In this video, we’re defining TDP, particularly as used for AMD Ryzen parts (e.g. AMD Ryzen 3000 CPUs on Zen 2, but it’s the same for the others). We won’t be talking about Intel today. The focus is on TDP, what it is, where it’s useful (or not), and what cooler manufacturers think of the Thermal Design Power metric that they’re provided.

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Host, Additional Research: Steve Burke

Editorial, Research: Patrick Lathan

Video: Josh Svoboda, Andrew Coleman


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