Adam Gase’s eyes steal the show at his introductory press conference with the Jets – CBS Sports

Adam Gase’s eyes steal the show at his introductory press conference with the Jets – CBS Sports

New Jets head coach Adam Gase opted to stay within the AFC East when he parted ways with the Dolphins after last year, and if nothing else things are off to an interesting start. Gase had his introductory press conference on Monday, and the results were more than a little concerning.

The biggest takeaway from Gase’s first appearance in front of a Jets backdrop? His eyes are crazy. Really, really crazy. CBS Sports’ Will Brinson thinks he knows the issue here.

However, it may go a little deeper.

Gase never really seemed to snap out of it either.

Adam Gase completely at ease as he’s introduced as the next Jets head coach.

He looks like he’s wondering which exit he’ll use when the alien invasion happens.

— Damon Amendolara (@DAonCBS) January 14, 2019

It was so bad that a Twitter account dedicated itself to the stare.

This raises the question: Was he more calm in Miami? Or did it take the glitz of the New York cameras to notice?

Well, let’s take a quick look. They don’t look completely insane here, but his smile definitely still has that “I’m new at this” vibe.

Here he looks like a guy who knew Jay Cutler for a year.

Congratulations to Adam Gase for now being the new head coach of the New York Jets! Last season you were with the dolphins and you did good and you coach the Miami miracle! Good luck this season Adam Gase with the New York Jets!

— Zachary Kent (@ZacharyKent14) January 10, 2019

And here he looks like a Sith Lord, but we’ll blame the filter.

This may not have been what the Jets had in mind, but maybe all that they needed was a little crazy. Gase could end up doing great things for Sam Darnold, only time will tell. However, if this is what he’s looking like less than a week into the job, it’ll be interesting what a year under New York-style scrutiny will do to him.


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