2020 BMW M340i Takes on Audi S4 and Mercedes C43 AMG in Comparison Review – autoevolution

2020 BMW M340i Takes on Audi S4 and Mercedes C43 AMG in Comparison Review – autoevolution

BMW has never built an M340i before, yet we already know what to expect from this sports sedan. But is the M Performance model as good as its two main rivals, the Audi S4, and Mercedes-AMG C43?

The guys at Throttle House tried to find out with a comparison review their fans asked for after the normal were compared. We think that proves sports sedans are very much alive, despite what the sales would lead you to believe.

Let’s start with the specs, shall we? The M340i goes first, so it’s only fair to point out that its 3-linter turbo inline-6 engine, the same one used by the Z4, puts out 382-horsepower and 369 lb-ft of torque through an 8-speed ZF auto.

The numbers are impressive, but the new C43 is a real black horse. After its mid-life refresh, this rare twin-turbo V6 AMG engine went up to nearly 390 horsepower. It also sounds pretty good. In fact, we’ll spoil it for you: this sounds way better than the other two.

Meanwhile, the Audi S4 can be considered the classic all-weather sports sedan, though its 3.0 TFSI V6 is down on power at just 349-hp. We also the most subtle in the looks department, despite showing up to the comparison in this flashy blue paint. We know the 3 Series is the law of the land, but could Audi really not have done any better?

This review immediately feels like a two-horse race, since the C43 is filled with a sense of occasion and class. The BMW is more about luxury with the Audi nowhere to be seen. Honestly, the M340i deserves a little credit for the way the interior is screwed together, but that doesn’t set it apart from a 330i.

So which should you have? It probably comes down to brand preference, but that C43 is such a wild animal.


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