From Aldi to Asda and Debenhams, here are the 2018 Christmas adverts ranked from best to worst

From Aldi to Asda and Debenhams, here are the 2018 Christmas adverts ranked from best to worst

Bonfire Night has only just been and gone but this year’s Christmas adverts are dropping already.

Retailers have laboured long and hard to create their yuletide offering, but which ones will we remember?

So far we’ve got an old raw carrot fighting off a parsnip in order to save his family, a granny falling asleep all thanks to noise cancelling headphones and a woman accidentally ordering a tree way too big for her lounge.

Yep, they’ve truly outdone themselves this time…

7. Aldi

Aldi have brought back Kevin the Carrot… again. Yes, they’ve introduced some brand new characters too, namely Pascal the Parsnip and Kevin’s child baby carrot, but we reckon the whole thing is a little past its sell-by date.

However, it does get plus points for a punny nut joke. We love a good nut joke.

6. Lidl

Lidl’s theme this year is ‘Upgrade Your Christmas’ and while it highlights not everything goes according to plan on the big day, it is a little bit ridiculous.

Why on earth someone would order in a 75ft Canadian fir tree to plonk in their front room for the festive period is beyond us.

5. Asda

It’s a mad Christmas rush over at Asda, who were first out with their advert and beat all their competitions to the case, but it feels like we’ve seen it all before. A Christmas dinner, and everyone racing to get home to enjoy the festivities.

It’s almost as if they wanted to include everything humanly possible into the mix. Snowmen, polar bears, Santa, antlers, presents, you name it and it’s probably in there.

4. Marks & Spencer

They went out on a limb and unveiled their first ever unscripted Christmas ad, roping in their customers and colleagues to reveal their favourite in-store treats.

Did it seem like they just couldn’t be bothered to go the extra mile? Yes. Did it all seem a little bit last minute? Yes.

Sorry, but we don’t want to hear what your clients think about shimmery chocolate acorns. Next.

3. Currys PC World

Currys PC World dipped into the traditional for their advert, mixing together old traditions with the magic of new technology. Although it may sound a bit yawn, it’s kindaaaaa relatable?

The joyous scene begins with a Victorian woman requesting Christmas music – we’ll all be her at some point over the Christmas period, don’t deny it. Then we later meet a Scrooge like character who’s kept up all night because of his noisy neighbours and we’ve all been that guy. If only he had noise cancelling headphones… yes, we see what you’re doing. Clever.

2. Boots

Boots really tugged at our heart strings with this one and never a truer picture of teenage girls and their mums has ever been painted.

Whether it was the revamped Robbie Wiliams’ She’s The One track or seeing the mum shed a tear as she snuggled up on the sofa to watch a film, it had us fighting back tears – a sentence we’d never thought we’d write. Go text ya mums ya filthy animals!

1. Debenhams 

Debenhams’ offering is much more creative and celebrates the art of giving. This year, they’ve produced several 20-second clips which revolve around knowing you’ve gifted the perfect present for that someone special, ranging from the best friend, the date and the party guest.

Each commercial is played to catchy song Star by Kiki Dee and it’s definitely going to be that song we can’t get out of our heads. Yup, this track will be with us well into 2019, thanks Debenhams, you’ve won there.

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